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Enlighten the Dreams

During my early years of university life I used to work in mainframe computer. It was really boring to write codes in mainframe. Then I met DOS operating system and subsequently WINDOWS - what amazed me that it was not only easy to use but it's capacity to change the world. My first printer was EPSON brand. When I bought the printer I asked the vendor whether I can get the ink cartridge after one year, he mention with smile that the company may not exist after one year. Then it came the era of mobile phone. My first mobile phone was ALCATEL brand. I couldn't find this brand anymore in the market. NOKIA was one of my favourite mobile brand, but unfortunately they also having very tough time now. We must have learnt some lesson from these changes, to my view unless you are not hungry to improve and open the new doors, you have to exit. For the last forty years we have seen unprecedented changes in information technology. But I am not sure how these advancement in IT sector enlighten the other critical sectors (e.g. climate change etc). We are just at the beginning of 21st century, we have significant challenges ahead of us to grow and survive - we must enlighten the dreams to overcome these challenges.

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